Memoir of a Brand Manager (Part 12)

August 20, 2019
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The Challenge of Change

In Kenya, where I lived for a few years, the steering wheel of cars is on the right and people drive cars on the left side of the road, the opposite of Nigeria. 

Therein, more than Kiswahili language, lay my greatest earliest challenge. 

I was initially fearful of the new driving experience: Would I be able to change gears with my left hand being very right-handed? Would I understand the different driving rules and habits and at the same time find my way around? Would I be safe and not get lost? 

I had to conquer my fear. To do otherwise by taking flight or fighting the change would have left me with the option of commuting by ‘Matatu’, the Kenyan equivalent of the Nigerian ‘Danfo’. 

The fact that I anticipated the change and prepared for it helped secure my victory over fear of the new driving experience. 

I visualized myself driving safely. 

I had a roadmap with me to help find my way. When I lost my way, I sought direction from those who knew. The traffic rules and habits in Kenya were not going to change because a new Nigerian had arrived Nairobi. I was the one to change. 

If we desire to grow as individuals, brands or organizations, we must be prepared to change, and exit our comfort zones.

Author – Lampe Omoyele


  1. Olasunmbo - August 21, 2019

    This just describes my current situation. I am currently transitioning from a role I have played in the last 14 years to seek new opportunities.

    I just believe I need to conquer my fears to.forge ahead.

    Nice submission. Thank you sir.

    • Lampe - August 23, 2019

      Do it afraid. Don’t let fear hold you back. All the best.


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